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Available for your OS

Taskpod is available for Mac OSX (10.9+), Windows (XP+) 32/64Bit and Linux 32 Bit. We will be releasing a Linux (64-Bit) build soon. Taskpod supports native desktop notification system for all operating systems. It also integrates well with third party notification systems like Growl & Snarl.

Easy Access

Easy access. Your tasks are just one click away and in an easily accessible location. It doesn't matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux.

Click to view on Podio

Clicking a task will open the Podio task in your favorite browser. Accessing your tasks has never been as quick & easy before.

Never miss a chat again!

Never miss a podio chat again! Taskpod shows desktop notifications for chat, with the name of the person followed by the actual message. Isn't it cool to get real desktop notifications ? You can also customize the looks with third party tools.

Notifications for all events

Get notifications for all events. No more need to open Podio in browser to receive notifications. Feeling annoyed ? Why don't you mute notifications for the time being.

Get a glimpse of task by its icon color

Know if you have an overdue task (Red), or a task for today (Green), or a task for tomorrow (Yellow) or a task later (grey) by just looking at the tray icon. Blue is the default icon color.

Integrates with OSX notification center

Built in support for OSX notification center. Get all your notifications delivered to the desktop. You no longer needs to open Podio to see missed.

Display tasks of your choice

Choose from the settings, the tasks that are needed to be displayed. You can choose from overdue, today's, tomorrow's or upcoming tasks. Its always up to you.

Colored labels for each task

Check if any tasks are overdue, for today, for tomorrow, or for later with colored labels. No more need to open Podio to know your tasks. Tasks are arranged by the order of their importance. Clicking on a task will open it in Podio.

Smart Notifications

Taskpod will not show notifications when you are actually using Podio. Think as you are chatting with someone. Taskpod is smart enough to know this & will not annoy you by displaying chat notifications.

Supports Growl & Snarl

Supports third party notification systems. Taskpod is compatible with Growl For Mac, Growl For Windows and Snarl For Windows. Now you can choose your favorite theme for notifications.


All your data resides in your system. Any sensitive data like password, tokens etc are encrypted. Taskpod never send these to their servers. We use Podio API to communicate with Podio. Please read our privacy policy for more. Have questions? Shoot an email to [email protected]

Based on user feedback, we are working on some cool features. Expect them soon!
Got a cool new idea? Send a mail to [email protected]


We rely on Podio Tasks heavily. Making it easier to access was our first priority. Also what we missed was native desktop notifications. Taskpod solved these problems.

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