Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Taskpod ?

Taskpod is a desktop application for Podio with quick launcher for tasks and real time notifications. With Taskpod, you will get a list of all your tasks in the desktop grouped by their occurrence and color labels. Taskpod ships with support for desktop notifications. All notifications from Podio will be delivered straight to your desktop. You will never miss a chat again. Taskpod uses native system notification by default. It also works with third-party notification systems like Growl (Mac), Growl (Windows) and Snarl (Windows). You can try Taskpod free for 30 days, beyond that a license is needed to be purchased. Taskpod is available for Mac OSX, Windows & Linux.

Do I need a Podio account to use Taskpod ?

Yes, Taskpod is tailored for Podio. You need to sign in to Podio via Taskpod to use it.

Does Taskpod works in all Operating Systems ?

Currently Taskpod works on OSX, Linux and Windows OS.

Is Taskpod completely free ?

Taskpod will be a premium application once it is out of beta version. You may try out Taskpod for a period of 30 days as trial. However, a free version with limited functionality may be introduced later. Taskpod will be always free for non-profits, NGO's and student organizations. If you think you are eligible, please apply for a free license.

What all personal data you store ?

We store your email & Podio user_id in our servers to verify license or purchase. WE DON'T STORE YOUR PASSWORD, MESSAGES OR ANY OTHER SENSITIVE DATA IN OUR SERVERS. Please read our Privacy policy for more.

Will Taskpod store or read my credit card details ?

No. We uses a third party payment provider, Paypal, to handle all credit card information and payments. Paypal is an industry standard PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be. All transactions are done over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted. Taskpod never store or read your credit card number.

Why is Taskpod tray icon not showing up in Ubuntu ?

This is because Ubuntu has turned off whitelisting for tray icons since version 13.10. You can resolve this issue by running "sudo apt-get install libappindicator1" in the terminal. More on this can be read here.

What should I do if a bug is found?

Please write to us at [email protected]. Also mention steps to reproduce the bug (If possible). You may also attach screenshot of the bug.

I have a feature suggestion or need a customized build of Taskpod

Feel free to write to us at [email protected]o. We promise to help you in whatever ways we can. Alternatively you can use the 'Contact us' form provided in this website.


We rely on Podio Tasks heavily. Making it easier to access was our first priority. Also what we missed was native desktop notifications. Taskpod solved these problems.

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